Hip Resistance Bands for Women Booty Building, Body Shape Workout (Light, Medium, Heavy)

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Fitness Braces Resistance Bands are high quality bands that come in 3 different colors and sizes. You can get a set of 3 (and save) or individual sizes.  Red is small size,  Green is medium, and Black is large. The three provide three different levels of strengths (see chart below) for your convenience: light, medium, heavy. 
Fitness Braces Professional Hip Resistance Bands are designed to:

  • help enhance workouts in any fitness routine from CrossFit to Yoga, our hip resistance band will support better muscle toning, help improve your form for squats or lifts and give you an extra kick for warm-ups.
  • increase flexibility and strength to lift, tone and shape your body with minimal effort. They can help accelerate firming results when combined with exercises that tone your legs and hips.
  • help with therapy and rehabilitation.
  • be used while doing exercises that require good form, such as squats or lifts can help you exercise correctly and avoid injury from poor form. Use the hip band during warm-ups too for more dynamic results.
  1. Three sizes or three different colors are matched to recommended body weight in the table below. 
  2. The three bands provide three different levels of strengths for your convenience: light, medium, heavy.  Select them as needed.
  3. Made of polyester fiber, latex silk, and rubber which makes them highly elastic with high resistance, and non slip properties.
  4. Great for crossfit, pilates, beach exercises, warm ups and more.
  5. Carry the bands with you anywhere.

Sizes (Approximate)        Body Weight (Recommended)
Large (Black): 34" x 3"       260 lbs
Medium (Green): 30" x 3"     120-260 lbs
Small (Red): 26" x 3"         < 120 lbs